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Van Oord Folding arm construction met Marotechniek hijslier

Marotechniek CT positionering lieren voor Ballast Nedam HLV Svanen

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Marotechniek lieren voor Boskalis Bagger maatschappij


High efficiency Permanent Magnet motors for booster pumps


Marotechniek has supplied Dekker Grondstoffen with 2 units 600kW@490 rpm direct driven Permanent Magnet electric motors.

One motor is installed on the suction dredger “Rotterdam 58” and the other motor drives a shore-based booster pump.

Both motors are put to use for the grand sand mining project “Geertjesgolf”.

These super premium efficiency electric motors have an efficiency of 97.5%.

The water jacket cooled motors are equipped with Emotron frequency drives.

Before delivery, both motors have been subjected to a full load test.