Marotechniek pilot ladder lieren Jumbo shipping

Volker Construction International vertrouwt op Marotechniek lieren en besturingen voor afzink equipment

Van Oord Folding arm construction met Marotechniek hijslier

Marotechniek CT positionering lieren voor Ballast Nedam HLV Svanen

Marotechniek bagger equipment

Marotechniek lieren voor Boskalis Bagger maatschappij


Automation conversion of suction dredger


For Kieswerk Omlor this suction dredger was equiped with the advanced Marotechniek dredge control version 2021. This dredger is controllable from shore and as a result, we have remote access for servicing. With the completion of the automation conversion this suction dredger has been upgraded to the newest standards and is ready to tackle new challenges.